Latest Updates from Burning Angel (Page 54)
Kleio Valentien in 'Bar Bathroom Romp'
Kleio Valentien - Bar Bathroom Romp

James totally snuck into a bar by using a fake ID. The sexy bartenders found his young looks adorable, and they dragged him in the bathroom and fucked his brains out. They served him some drinks and he served them some cum!! It was a pretty fair trade I think.

Tallulah in 'Spunk On My Tattoo'
Tallulah - Spunk On My Tattoo

Tallulah is a dirty blokette - yes, I said ?bloke?ette because she is from the UK! She loves anal sex and cum on her tattoos - so pairing her up with Steve Holmes was a very good idea! He pounded her asshole hard, then came all over her tattoo. Hooray for butt sex and filthy blokettes!

Joanna Angel in 'Contractual Fucking'
Joanna Angel - Contractual Fucking

Do you know what frozen pizza and having hot sex in a bathroom with Sean Michaels have in common? Well...pretty much NOTHING, except that they're both themes in my wonderful movie, 'LA PINK'. Sean Michaels offers me a frozen pizza business deal and I can't refuse it. He also offers me the chance to ride his huge cock, and I couldn't refuse that either. So here's me...not refusing anything from Sean Michaels...enjoy it and buy the whole movie in the BA Store!

Asphyxia Noir in 'Passion In The Porn Store'
Asphyxia Noir - Passion In The Porn Store

Asphyxia went to the porn store to get her favorite porn star's autograph (Joanna Angel...duh!). When Asphyxia showed up, Joanna threw spit balls at her! It was incredibly disappointing. Upset, she spoke with the store manager about Joanna's behavior; he's a big believer in 'The Customer Is Always Right', so to show her how right she was, he fucked her hard in the bathroom! Now THAT is some good customer service!

Arabelle Raphael in 'Arabelle POV'
Arabelle Raphael - Arabelle POV

Arabelle was on set waiting around to do her scene...and she got really horny! She couldn't wait till it was her turn to fuck. She grabbed the closest cock and used it like a dildo! She's totally the type of girl who knows how to go after what she wants.

Joanna Angel in 'Joanna Loves Jenna Haze'
Joanna Angel - Joanna Loves Jenna Haze

You all know how much I love Jenna Haze! She is my closest friend in the porn industry...and sometimes, close friends need to fuck the shit out of eachother. In this scene, I stripped Jenna out of her girl-nextdoor clothing and turned her into a bad-ass rocker. We had an awesome time.

Sofi VonDoom in 'Light Me Up'
Sofi VonDoom - Light Me Up

Mick Blue was in desperate need of a lighter, and Sofi VonDoom was in desperate need of some sex. Mick just so happened to have a huge cock, and Sofi just so happened to have a lighter. One thing led to another and this led to some awesome public sex!

Skin Diamond in 'An Interview Gone Lesbian'
Skin Diamond - An Interview Gone Lesbian

Paris is a city filled with love, french kissing and...crepes. So naturally, when Lucky and Skin Diamond were in a hotel room in Paris, they fell in love, did lots of french kissing...and...well, they worked up an appetite for crepes while fucking!

Korene in 'is Cool'
Korene - is Cool

Korene has a really Cool personality, a really Cool smile, a really Cool style...and really really Cool BOOBS! Mr. Pete was smitten with her Cool 'assets' and quickly GRABBED his opportunity to get close to her oh-so-Cool ladies.

Shay Ryan in 'Give Me A D! Give Me A P!'
Shay Ryan - Give Me A D! Give Me A P!

Three cheers for...DOUBLE PENETRATION! Most of you don't know, but Shay used to be a cheerleader. She showed off her awesome pom pom skills for Erik and James. After cheers like 'I-LOVE-SEX' and 'DOUBLE-PENETRATION-IS-THE-WAY-TO-BE!', they got the hint and gave her what she wanted. All three of them scored big that day!

Presley Maddox in 'Glory Glory'
Presley Maddox - Glory Glory

Presley Maddox was going through a bit of a rough time, and wasn't having luck getting laid. This all changed in the bathroom of a bar when a nice big cock appeared in a glory hole. It totally brought back the slut in her!

Ladie in 'And The Fucking Tramp'
Ladie - And The Fucking Tramp

It was Maven's first scene, and she could not think of a stage name! While Ladie fantasized about reenacting an iconic scene from her favorite Disney movie, but making it a little bit sexier. A nice romantic candlelight dinner, a big plate of spaghetti...and a big dildo; it's a great way to experience your first scene...don't you think?

Jessie Lee in 'is Cool'
Jessie Lee - is Cool

Jessie Lee has such Cool boobs! They are so nice and natural, and they look soooo Cool when she bounces up and down on a cock. You gotta love her perfect D-cup natural boobs! Woohoo!

Moretta Coxxx in 'Moretta's POV'
Moretta Coxxx - Moretta's POV

Kylee found a super hot Mexican girl at the gas station, and brought her over because she thought she would be perfect for BurningAngel. She sure was right! Her name was Moretta and she fucked like a champ. Perhaps we should recruit at gas stations more often?