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Roggie,Syren in 'Burning Angel' - Brooklyn Babes

Well here are two very sexy Brooklyn babes showing off their bodies to all of New York city?and fucking each other's brains out in their loft! If this scene doesn't make you love New York, then I don't know what will.

Released : October 19th, 2012
Tags : Punk Girl, Petite, Lesbian

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Pictures from Roggie,Syren in 'Burning Angel' Brooklyn Babes

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Roggie in 'Spectrum and Power Man'

Roggie - Spectrum and Power Man

Roggie makes a kick-ass Spectrum to Nat Turnher's Luke Cage in this cosplay roleplaying fantasy. Luke had to make sure she was up to the job by serving her his big black cock at their superhero office headquarters - and she REALLY wanted that position with the organization. Did you think we were done with spandex-clad nerdgasms? Hardly! Roggie is a real heroine for taking his huge member in her mouth, and tight wet pussy like a fucking champion! There's also something about Roggie getting railed over a desk that just gets my juices flowing - I'd hire her for the doggystyle position any day of the week. Marvel-ous!

Skin Diamond in 'BTS Episode 34'

Skin Diamond - BTS Episode 34

London Lanchester, Annie Cruz, Skin Diamond, and Roggie paid the BurningAngel set a visit for shooting some kick-ass new porno of the Asian gothic lolita schoolgirl and cosplay and the hot punk ass threeway variety, and we caught everyone. Besides fucking and some sweet new tattoos (Bukkake knuckles!), London has been writing her own comics. She and Annie are both heavily into the cosplay scene, and did some great sex together with John Strong, and while that happened, Small Hands did a freestyle rap for the cameras!

Roggie in 'POV'

Roggie - POV

A fiery-maned Roggie floated sexily down the hallway in her cute flowery skirt towards Mr. Pete. This New York City girl has a spunky sweetness about her that makes my private parts tingle with anticipation, mmm. Roggie rubbed her dripping pussy, thinking about Mr. Pete until she came - she's done it many times before to his movies, dirty girl! Finally, she was presented with Mr. Pete's stiff meat, and he fucked her pretty face as she stared up at him with those eyes - wow! They went to play in the living room and had a bonefest on the furniture, making those ass and titties bounce. Very nice.

Skin Diamond in '4 Feet 2 Pussies 1 Cock'

Skin Diamond - 4 Feet 2 Pussies 1 Cock

I can't believe it took me this long to pair up Skin Diamond and Roggie! These two babes getting down with each other is mind-blowingly hot to begin with - add Wolf Hudson into the mix with a little shoe and foot and pussy worship, complete with cumming on toes, and you have an epic threeway you'll never forget!

Asphyxia Noir in 'Latex Lovers'

Asphyxia Noir - Latex Lovers

Asphyxia Noir and Roggie's dress code in our sex dungeon was tight latex lingerie. Asphyxia bent Roggie over her knee and filled her dripping pussy with fingers and pleasure. Roggie peeled Asphyxia out of her second skin and returned the favor by lapping up her sweet slit and finger fucking her until she came!

Roggie in 'In Flagrante'

Roggie - In Flagrante

I caught Roggie in flagrante, moaning shamelessly while jacking herself off with one of my glass dildos on my futon. Who does that?! Well, my girl friends who stay over my house do that, and that's why I love them. I keep all my shoes in the spare bedroom and she got turned on by them - this is something I completely understand. I decided I'd make this awkward situation into a very friendly one by joining in! We made out, and I licked and fingered her punk rock pussy till she came hard!

Nikki Hearts in 'Strap On Domination!'

Nikki Hearts - Strap On Domination!

Nikki dominated Roggie and fucked her pussy with a big black strap-on! These two dykes looked hot as fuck boning each other's brains out. Who needs a man in the equations when you can just strap on a cock and get crazy?

Roggie in 'Lick My Clit'

Roggie - Lick My Clit

Roggie is making her BurningAngel G-G porn video debut today! It brings a new meaning to 'Happy Friday', doesn't it!? Here she is, fucking the shit out of Aiden Starr in the lovely neighborhood of Bushwick, Brooklyn. This is how we do out there. Enjoy and congrats to Roggie!

Roggie in 'Masturbates'

Roggie - Masturbates

It's the first video of Roggie! Yay! She was really excited making this video, and really excited for all of you to see it...and I know you will all be VERY excited when you watch her rub one out, cause it's fuckin' hot!