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Samantha Mack in 'Burning Angel' - Samantha Mack Pizza Girl

Owen Gray was on business in Canada and he worked up quite an appetite. As a lover of bacon, he ordered extra as a topping! Much to his delight, curvy delivery girl Samantha Mack brought him the tasty treat - but it turns out that Canadian bacon is basically ham - an abomination on pizza! Being notoriously polite, Samantha made it up to him by welcoming him to her country properly: with a nice cock sucking and fucking right on his desk! After helping himself to her personal stash of lady bacon, and she to his big sausage, they moved their party to the floor and the pounding continued until everyone's cravings were satisfied!

Released : February 18th, 2017
Tags : Punk Porn, Big Tits, Punk Girl, Tattoo, Piercing, Dark Hair, Fake Tits, Tit Fucking, Curvy, Deep Throat
Male Models : Owen Gray

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Busty and beautiful pinup girl Samantha Mack's curves are straight up mesmerizing! Will Havoc is wrapped around her little finger in no time as she jiggles her big tits in his eager face for him to suck and worship. Will gets to work at pleasing his woman, tongue and fingers moving along her sensitive clit making her quake with delight. Her pussy was so wet for him when he slid his cock inside her, it was bliss for both! He made sure Samantha got all the orgasms she so very much deserved, and was be rewarded with getting to jizz all over her giant knockers!

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Jessie Lee is naked, hungry, bound and blindfolded. Her luscious ass has been sitting on this cold hardwood floor for two days. When Mistress Samantha Mack returns with food and water, it is only enough to ensure that Jessie has the energy to satisfy Samantha's sexual urges. There is evidence that Jessie played with herself without permission. Samantha knows her slave did it on purpose with the hope of being punished but she can't resist playing with Jessie's big ass. Baby Girl's thick, round ass can take so much punishment, it's unbelievable! It can turn all kinds of colors, pink, red, black, and blue. It only takes a few hard slaps from Samantha's exquisitely manicured hands to moisten Jessie's tight pink whore hole. Samantha uses a paddle to warm up those butt cheeks. She knows how to even make a little paddle sting. Jessie's ass jiggle turns her mistress on. Samantha turns up the pain level with a flogger. It makes Jessie's cunt dripping wet and Samantha can't resist kissing and licking up that pussy juice. She owns that sweet cunt. Jessie's poor ass glows red but now it's time for the Crop. Samantha finishes with a Leather Strap. It hurts plenty but Jessie needs to please her mistress. Samantha slides a big glass dildo into her baby girl's ass. She loves seeing the shiny glass slide in and out of the asshole, spreading that tight backdoor unbelievably wide. Punishment awaits if it slides out of her ass. Samantha fills her slave's whore hole with a vibrator before fucking her ass with the glass dildo. Jessie is left speechless as her holes are filled and fucked. Samantha warns this may be the last time she ever lets her whore cum. Jessie shows her appreciation by deep throating the ass dildo clean. Now that Samantha has had some fun she puts Jessie to work sucking her pussy. Jessie is well trained and knows how to bring her mistress to orgasm. The only thing more gratifying than feeling her slaves tongue on her clit is watching her slave's ass get stretched and pounded. Samantha fucks her whore slave in the pussy with a giant, pink, strap-on dildo. Jessie soon begs for it in her ass. Once the cock fills her ass Jessie is right at home. Samantha loves seeing her slave moan, overwhelmed by pain and pleasure.

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Samantha Mack has incredibly tremendously huge tits and loves to put them to good use. This busty MILF babe has dark black hair, deep eyes and breast size that is damn near immeasurable. With her red lips and gigantic boobs, she is ready to suck and tittyfuck like never before. Her massive melons deserve loving attention and that's exactly what they receive. She keeps everything nice and wet as she gives a blowjob from heaven before engulfing this dick between her soft knockers and using them too drain a load all over her chest.