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Sasha Sweet in 'Burning Angel' - Sasha Sweet Solo

Wanna watch Sasha Sweet play in her white bikini and punky legwarmers? She knows what she wants to show you - her perfect natural tits, her perky ass, and her lovely clit! It's hard for her not to touch herself just for you, having such soft skin. She makes it nice and slippery wet so you can slide right in!

Released : July 12th, 2013
Tags : Solo, Big Breast, Heavy Metal Pussy Party

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When you put Angel Blaze and Sasha Sweet together, you can get a bunch of fun combos...Sasha Blaze...Angel Sweet...Sweet Blaze...Sweet Angel...but when we put them together, we got something even better than all those silly names: we got two hot lesbian strippers fucking the shit out of each other on a pole! Haha...oh yeah!

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Levi and Pauly were out cruising around on their day off and spotted their neighbor, Sasha. She'd moved in a couple of months ago with her husband and kid and had sparked the MILF Hunter's interest, but he hadn't properly met her yet. Levi decided to be a proper neighbor, and introduce himself, but also planned on getting a piece of that ass. It didn't take much since Sasha had become bored with her marriage recently. She accepted the invite to stop over at the house and do something crazy on camera with Levi. Shortly after they got home, the knock at the door was from a very seductively dressed Sasha. They quickly moved into the living room and got more comfortable. Sasha explained she had a surprise. She revealed a toy and began to masturbate. Her thick juicy ass and plump titties were more then enough to get Levi to dive in and eat her bare dripping pussy. Sasha showed she still knew how to work it and gave Levi a good time until he exploded onto her face.

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Gap-toothed cutie Sasha Sweet and exotic Alexa Cruz are here to suck dick - together! First these sexy sluts peel off their clothes and spread their cheeks so horny performer can examine their sweet buttholes. As they take turns swallowing the stud's dick and wetly lapping his balls, he captures the action POV-style. The girls slobber all over themselves; He lies back and lets these slime-slathered, gagging whores deep-throat his shaft and shove their tongues up his rectum. After their filthy work is finished, Sasha blows spunky spit bubbles and the girls orally swap the nasty sperm/phlegm mixture.

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squirt queen Flower Tucci assists the domination. Naturally stacked Gianna smothers Sasha in gigantic jugs. Sandra Romain slaps Sasha's pussy as she's manhandled. Big-hung Mark Davis counts down from 10 as Sasha deep-throats. This is the breathtaking, intense group filth that put Sasha on the porn map.

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Hot big titted brunette fantasizes about machine porn - she slips off her lingerie and cums from custom robots pounding her in doggie and missionary.

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