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Twix in 'Burning Angel' - Twix POV

Twix isn't really good at walking in heels. In fact, she hates them. After walking around in them for a bit for James Deen, she decides to take them off and show him something she IS good at: looking really hot while getting fucked!

Released : August 15th, 2012
Tags : POV Punx
Male Models : James Deen

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Twix in 'Screw Kumbaya'

Twix - Screw Kumbaya

In this scene from Asphyxia Heels the World, Twix and Tommy participate in a rousing shoe-burning and then have a little sing-along with probably the most interesting (and by interesting we mean terrible) version of Kumbaya ever performed. Twix didn't really enjoy it either and decided he should put that guitar down and fuck her tight pussy right there on the roof!

Twix in 'What A Clown!'

Twix - What A Clown!

Tommy is about to get fired from his burgeoning career as a stripper clown. Twix is tired of putting up with his bullshit! Fortunately his pussy eating skills are far greater than his stripping skills and they win him his job back.

Twix in 'Do Me In The Locker Room'

Twix - Do Me In The Locker Room

Even though Mick was scared of getting caught, his girlfriend Twix had a pretty convincing argument for breaking into the school locker room ... it involved taking off her clothes and having a wild fuck session. Yeah, he was pretty up for it once that was on the table!