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Vada in 'Burning Angel' - Vada Solo

Would you look at that tight little booty of Vada's? OMG, want to bite the hiney. Watch this pierced dreadlock hottie play with her teenage tits and slide her fingers in and out of her pretty pussy. Mmmm, slippery!

Released : March 21st, 2014
Tags : Solo, Petite, Heavy Metal Pussy Party, Emo Girl

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Vada in 'POV'

Vada - POV

Dreadlock teen Vada is a little pool shark! Look at that face... You can often catch this beautiful babe at metal shows, but today you can watch Mr. Pete sink his 8 ball in her wet pocket! She likes to suck cock, and get spanked, especially enjoys rough sex!

Vada in 'LARPing Club!'

Vada - LARPing Club!

It was Vada's first time at her school's LARPing club. She didn't really try hard to understand the rules and how to roleplay, and since it was her first time, Danny went easy on her. He normally uses a bigger boffer, but Vada thought she could take it.. and did she ever! She fought with her pussy and won his cum! I wanna join this nerd club and boff-her too!

Vada in 'House Cocks!'

Vada - House Cocks!

Here we have Vada taking two cocks like a champ!!! Her long thick dreads and her tight young body looked so hot getting railed by our BurningAngel house cocks, belonging to Danny Wylde and Tommy Pistol.

Vada in 'Cool Kids Smoke Cigarettes!'

Vada - Cool Kids Smoke Cigarettes!

Tommy tried to impress the hot chick in the smoking section outside the school...and he wound up coughing up his lungs. It turns out Vada was more impressed with his pussy eating skills than his ability to blow O rings!