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Zarrah in 'Burning Angel' - Zarrah POV

Zarrah is a pretty slut and can't get enough anal, so when she's chillin' and there's a big dick around, she's gonna do exactly what she wants with it! Why? She's Zarrah, bitches!

Released : November 7th, 2012
Tags : Girl, Boy
Male Models : James Deen

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Zarrah in 'Anal Threesome POV'

Zarrah - Anal Threesome POV

Zarrah plus Geisha Monroe plus buttholes equals Mr. Pete's lucky day. The girls fingered and spit on each others slits and asses to get ready for his huge rod, and then Pete took turns fucking both from behind, giving them a nice anal pounding! The girls loved pushing each other up and down on his manhood until they took his load on their faces like the cum-loving sluts they are!

Zarrah in 'College Party'

Zarrah - College Party

There wasn't enough dick at this party for Zarrah. Luckily for her, sharing is caring. She blew her girl friends' conquests in the kitchen with them. Nerdy guy Michael Vegas was uncomfortable with the display, so his friend Wolf called over Zarrah. She started sucking his cock right there, and then he handed her off to Michael. Zarrah will be getting her fill of fucking in her cunt AND her ass tonight!

Zarrah in 'Double Dose!'

Zarrah - Double Dose!

Zarrah is hungry for cock! So she was rewarded with a double dose of cock in her ass. It was an extra scoop of rock and roll in her butt-hole, and she handled it like a champ!

Krysta Kaos in 'BTS Episode 9'

Krysta Kaos - BTS Episode 9

Here's some behind the scenes footage from some of our recent shoots! I have just as much fun being a big goof ball behind the scenes as I do being on camera. In this shoot I got to direct Zarrah and Krysta to take it in the butt like champs! Here's a little of what it feels like to be on our set!

Zarrah in 'Spandexxx!'

Zarrah - Spandexxx!

Zarrah's thick ass looks so nice with a pair of skin tight spandex pants stretched over it. Mr. Pete pulled them down and fucked her ass real hard, and then gave her a healthy does of some kinky sex!

Zarrah in 'Wanna Lap Dance'

Zarrah - Wanna Lap Dance

Zarrah came into my personal strip club where there are no rules! I got to finger her pussy in the VIP room and taste her cum in my mouth. I am pretty good to my customers, don't you think?!

Zarrah in 'Pimp My Ride'

Zarrah - Pimp My Ride

Watching Anthony work on his automobile was really turning Zarrah on. But when she realized he was more interested in sprucing it up than he was in paying attention to her, she wasted no time in going up to him and offering to show him her ass tattoo. Once her panties were off, the only thing Anthony's car was good for was anal pounding!