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Sofi VonDoom in 'Cabin Girls Orgy'

Sofi VonDoom - Cabin Girls Orgy

Audrina, Felix, Sofi and Moretta were hanging out in the hot-tub talking about sex...and got super horny! They all fucked each other's brains out before all the boys got back. Sometimes, girls just have to have their own fun! Who needs a cock when you have four pussies to keep you happy?!

Audrina Lee in 'Audrina's First Scene'

Audrina Lee - Audrina's First Scene

Since this was Audrina Lee's first sex scene ever, we got to know her a little bit before getting down to it. She told me all about her job at a hospital, and showed me her awesome new panties! and then let me know she thinks Mr. Pete is very I brought him in to fuck her on camera! You can figure out what happened next...

Audrina Lee in 'Secret Voyeur Bathroom Sex'

Audrina Lee - Secret Voyeur Bathroom Sex

While we were away this summer, Audrina Lee and Keni Styles snuck off into the bathroom for a little one-on-one banging action. Little did they know that we snuck off to the bathroom watch! Tehe.