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Azure Maddox in 'POV'

Azure Maddox - POV

Azure Maddox had one task the morning she was leaving LA, and that was to avoid having sex with James Deen so she would get to the airport on time and not miss her flight. But when he came to wake her up, she couldn't deny her horny nature. So I guess she failed? But seems like in the end, she won!

Azure Maddox in 'Masturbates'

Azure Maddox - Masturbates

I had Azure Maddox sit down with me and tell me tons of stories about sex in her insane threesome house! All the talk got her a little turned on...and it was her first day at BurningAngel, so she decided to show me that she can masturbate. She did a good job!

Azure Maddox in 'Learn To Fuck If You Cut Class'

Azure Maddox - Learn To Fuck If You Cut Class

Azure Maddox convinced BST to cut class and go to a new skate park. Watching him skate really gets her horny...and what better thing to do when cutting class than fuck!? During their debauchery, they got caught by school patroller, John Strong. He promised not to report them for cutting class, in exchange for a little action too!