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BellaVendetta in 'Solo Time'

BellaVendetta - Solo Time

Here is BellaVendetta spending some much needed one-on-one time...with herself! It's Friday...everyone should take a tip from BV: get onto a big nice bed, relax and pleasure yourself for a moment. TGIF!

BellaVendetta in 'I'

BellaVendetta - I

After watching BellaVendetta fuck Keni Styles, I was really turned on! Their fuck session was really hot. Bella had come all the way to LA to stay with me for days, but we had yet to get naked together ... so we both decided to fix that and get busy!

BellaVendetta in 'Goth Girl Bangs Asian Boy'

BellaVendetta - Goth Girl Bangs Asian Boy

I wanted to see what would happen if I put BellaVendetta in an all white room - white sheets, white walls, white ceiling - with nothing else in there...would she shed her gothic ways and turn into an angel? Well, Keni Styles came along during this experiment...and I think the white walls just made BV even less holy than she was no - no angel. Just a lot of sex in a white room!