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Korene in 'is Cool'

Korene - is Cool

Korene has a really Cool personality, a really Cool smile, a really Cool style...and really really Cool BOOBS! Mr. Pete was smitten with her Cool 'assets' and quickly GRABBED his opportunity to get close to her oh-so-Cool ladies.

Korene in 'Korene's POV'

Korene - Korene's POV

Korene came to LA to do some scenes and well...after doing two of them, she still hadn't had enough cock! She was still horny. And when Korene is horny, she will stop at nothing to get some! She is one determined woman!

Korene in 'Fuckabilly!'

Korene - Fuckabilly!

Korene is a little pin-up princess who seduces Keni with her eyes. She is just so damn hot, she doesn't even have to get off the couch to lure someone in.