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Phoenix Askani in 'BTS Episode 23'

Phoenix Askani - BTS Episode 23

Today we're going behind the scenes with Eidyia on her first video shoot with two black studs Jon Jon and Rob Piper, Wolf Hudson goes on in Espanol as petite emo girl Moretta Coxxx gets some photos taken in a window, and Phoenix Askani and Danny Wylde prepare for their 'Intro to Opera' scene, which I wrote 5 minutes before.

Moretta Coxxx in 'Sexo!'

Moretta Coxxx - Sexo!

Little schoolgirl Moretta wasn't getting her Spanish classwork, so she got a tutor to help her! She wanted to learn how to say 'kiss' and 'I want to suck your cock' in Spanish, and she thought that sounded fun and could use it! She definitely found out how to sexo in Espanol! She sexo'd Wolf's cock, and Wolf sexo'd her pussy y she gusta mucho!

Moretta Coxxx in 'SchoolGirl Groupie!'

Moretta Coxxx - SchoolGirl Groupie!

Mr. Pete had a part time job at the diner. He thought of it as a temporary thing until his pipe dreams of being a rock-star came true. While his mean boss had no faith in this becoming a reality, cute little school girl Moretta thought otherwise. She was his biggest fan! She loved blasting his band on the jukebox and dancing along, and then sucking his cock like a good little slutty groupie.

Sofi VonDoom in 'Cabin Girls Orgy'

Sofi VonDoom - Cabin Girls Orgy

Audrina, Felix, Sofi and Moretta were hanging out in the hot-tub talking about sex...and got super horny! They all fucked each other's brains out before all the boys got back. Sometimes, girls just have to have their own fun! Who needs a cock when you have four pussies to keep you happy?!

Moretta Coxxx in 'Road Head...And Sex'

Moretta Coxxx - Road Head...And Sex

We stopped to pick Keni up on the way to our cabin summer vacation, and even though everyone was pretty excited to see him, I think Moretta was the most excited. Like...REALLY excited. She couldn't contain herself, and fucked him right there and then in the back of my SUV...good thing I drive a huge car!

Moretta Coxxx in 'Moretta's POV'

Moretta Coxxx - Moretta's POV

Kylee found a super hot Mexican girl at the gas station, and brought her over because she thought she would be perfect for BurningAngel. She sure was right! Her name was Moretta and she fucked like a champ. Perhaps we should recruit at gas stations more often?

Moretta Coxxx in 'Boys Are Bad Bartenders'

Moretta Coxxx - Boys Are Bad Bartenders

Brian Street Team is not a great bartender. He managed to scare everyone out of the bar! Fortunately, he had one happy customer: Moretta Coxxx. And she was a VERY happy customer if you know what I mean. Check out one of the 9 sex scenes from our newest movie, Bartenders (available NOW in our Store)! If you love the rest of the movie! Yeeeah!