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Shay Ryan in 'One More Orgasm Is All I Need'

Shay Ryan - One More Orgasm Is All I Need

Shay was still horny after she got fucked on film, so naturally she fucked herself and finished herself off. When you're a horny little slut like Shay, it's always good to have your vibrator on you just in case!

Shay Ryan in 'Tattooed Teen Fucks School Mascot'

Shay Ryan - Tattooed Teen Fucks School Mascot

Shay and the school mascot were having a lot of fun dancing around and goofing off...but Shay wanted to have fun in another way...Using silent clues, she signaled to the the mascot that it was time to take off part of his costume and fuck her. Alligators really turn her on, I guess!

Shay Ryan in 'Give Me A D! Give Me A P!'

Shay Ryan - Give Me A D! Give Me A P!

Three cheers for...DOUBLE PENETRATION! Most of you don't know, but Shay used to be a cheerleader. She showed off her awesome pom pom skills for Erik and James. After cheers like 'I-LOVE-SEX' and 'DOUBLE-PENETRATION-IS-THE-WAY-TO-BE!', they got the hint and gave her what she wanted. All three of them scored big that day!

Shay Ryan in 'POV'

Shay Ryan - POV

Shay went into my closet to borrow some shoes and...well one thing led to another, and she started sucking cock, fucking...and then put a dick in her ass! It was totally awesome and unexpected. In case you were worried, she did find the shoes she was looking for.

Shay Ryan in 'Hot Rod, Hot Bod'

Shay Ryan - Hot Rod, Hot Bod

Alec and Shay were getting ready for the car show, but Shay was way too excited and bubbly to be a good car model. According to Alec, she had to look hot and bored...the hot thing she got down, but the bored thing needed some practice. After she finally got it...there sure was a good reward. Nothing turns a greaser on more than a hot, bored rockabilly chick!