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Sidney Scarlet in 'Textbook - Sexbook'

Sidney Scarlet - Textbook - Sexbook

Sidney and Brian are broke college students who can only afford one textbook! It's the night before an exam and they have to find some constructive way to share the book. Brian reading over her shoulder while she gets fucked doggy seemed like a really logical way for them to both get their schoolwork done together. Sharing means fucking at BurningAngel University!

Sidney Scarlet in 'Tiki Titty Touch'

Sidney Scarlet - Tiki Titty Touch

Sidney took a bartending job at the Hawaiian Tiki bar, but not because she needed the money...she had a major girl boner for the Hula Girl, London Keyes, who danced on stage there. When London realized Sidney was crushing on her, she hula-ed herself over to Sidney's pussy and they did a little 'dancing' of their own.

Sidney Scarlet in 'Sidney's First Time'

Sidney Scarlet - Sidney's First Time

It's Sidney's first time! Well...ok...not her first time, like, EVER. But her first time having sex on camera, for people in the public to see!!! She was really nervous at first, but she turned out to be a real natural at fucking on camera, so all is well in the world.

Sidney Scarlet in 'Teach Me About Girth'

Sidney Scarlet - Teach Me About Girth

Sidney had great grades, but she was still in need of some one-on-one time with a tutor. Mr Marcus taught her all about girth, size and the relative elasticity of the mouth...with his huge black cock.