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Tara Toxic in 'Wet Wifebeaters and Rough Sex!'

Tara Toxic - Wet Wifebeaters and Rough Sex!

Tara is a little punk rock slut who likes it rough! She likes to chug beer and show off her nipples through her wifebeater, then get a hard pussy pounding from Danny Wylde. Who said girls like romance? Fuck that shit. Girls like Tara like it real rough! Just watch how many orgasms she has as she gets smacked around.

Tara Toxic in 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'

Tara Toxic - Smells Like Teen Spirit

Tara Toxic was drawing in the school basement when Chad Alva came along, saying his football coach had told him to round up all the 'smelly hippies', so he had come for her. She let him know that she's not a 'smelly hippie' - she's a punk, and his jock ass is the one who smells. To settle this debate, they smelled each other and realized something: they both smelled pretty good! Brought together by their olfactory systems, they got it on, right there and then.

Tara Toxic in 'POV'

Tara Toxic - POV

You all met Tara Toxic recently in some pretty awesome photos, but now it's time for you to see her FIRST PORN SCENE EVER! She ventured over to James Deen's house (with her best friend) to get fucked on camera...and even though she was nervous at first, it didn't seem long before she got really into it and they humped like young bunnies in his bedroom.