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Burning Angel 'Annika POV' starring Annika Amour (Photo 1)

Annika Amour in 'Burning Angel' - Annika POV

In between doing her scene with 3 guys at once and taking dirty striptease photos, Annika found the time to do a POV scene with James while she was in LA...she's a true multi-tasker!

Released : May 11th, 2011
Tags : Girl, Boy, POV Punx
Male Models : James Deen

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Annika Amour in 'Boys Locker Room Bang!'

Annika Amour - Boys Locker Room Bang!

Annika ran to the boys locker room to change after cheerleading practice because she didn't want to get picked on by all the catty bitches in there. Instead, she preferred to get railed by the guys on the basketball team!

Annika Amour in 'Boner Nurse'

Annika Amour - Boner Nurse

Sexy nurse Annika Amour figured out what was ailing Tommy Pistol - he had a sick boner that needed to be taken care of, and Annika was simply the best. She used her powers of science with an extra strong dose of pussy pounding from behind for a semi-permanent cure... because THIS patient's boner isn't going away forever.

Annika Amour in 'Band Slut Alley'

Annika Amour - Band Slut Alley

Nikki and Annika had no interest in watching Joanna Angel's lame band play - they had more interest in sneaking around the corner and licking each other's pussies! Sometimes a hatred for boring hipster music can bring two hot lesbians together.

Annika Amour in 'Goth Chicks Love Dick'

Annika Amour - Goth Chicks Love Dick

When Annika got sent to the principal's office for fucking a dude in the locker room, the principal was pretty shocked. He thought her and all her goth friends were lesbians! She found a way to convince him, though, that she likes boys just as much as girls...right on his desk, with her mouth and cunt. He would never question her sexuality again!

Annika Amour in 'Mini Gang-Bang'

Annika Amour - Mini Gang-Bang

Annika is a total creepster schoolgirl! She loves sneaking into the Boys' Locker Room, smelling their dirty clothes and touching herself while doing it. When BST, Mr. Pete and Danny Wylde came in, she hid, but after waiting to see their cocks for awhile, she just couldn't take it anymore! She went into the middle of the room, and demanded cock! And she got it - all three!

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Annika Amour in 'I Love Big Toys 38'

Annika Amour - I Love Big Toys 38

Annika Amour loves to pass the day away with a pile of her favorite big toys. Cum along and watch as Annika starts small and works her way up to some massive toys and then she jumps up and takes a ride on the sybian!

Annika Amour in 'The thirst is real'

Annika Amour - The thirst is real

I spotted this hottie in front of the parking garage searching through her purse and all her pockets. I approached her and asked her if she was having a problem. She told me she lost her wallet and needed money to get her car out of the parking garage. I told her I could help her out with some money if she helped me out. She was hesitant at first, but she came around. We went to the stairwell of the building and she showed me her tits. Then, she sucked my cock. After a while, we went to the car where she continued sucking my cock and I pounded her pussy. I glazed her pretty face with my man juice.

Bobbi Starr in 'Bobbi Starr's Gape Gang'

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Goth cutie Annika Amour and busty blonde Charisma Cappelli are making out in the bathroom, wearing sexy fishnets. The lesbian sweeties expand each other's colonic capacity using big, hole-stretching toys and rim their gaping sphincters with eager tongues. Nylon-clad beauty Bobbi Starr comes and joins in, dilating her friends' derrieres using big toys and her talented fingers, and helping Annika and Charisma go ass-to-ass with a double-headed phallus! Their nasty, all-girl threesome climaxes when Bobbi fills up their rectums with colored enema water ... and has the ladies spray each other with warm anal fountains!

Jessie Cox in 'Four Girl Intake Sado-Masochists Slave Testing'

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Four girls enter and only one remains after testing them on basic protocol, pain endurance, and orgasm control.