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Eidyia in 'Burning Angel' - Nookie Cookie

John Strong's kids' nanny Eidyia was baking cookies to reward his little angels for being so good. Only, she was making a huge mess, and was going to feed them to the children for breakfast. She knows it's unhealthy, but she just loves to give out prizes for good behavior! When dad came home early from his business trip, he was a bit less than pleased and it turns out that he hates cookies - ALL cookies, especially those wretched biscuits that babysitters make! Eidyia thought surely he couldn't really dislike ALL cookies, so she offered him a sweet treat of her own - Eidyia's *special* cookie. Finally! A cookie he could really eat! And a meatstick a girl could really wrap her lips around and swallow. They did it all for the nookie.

Released : January 8th, 2015
Tags : Girl, Boy, Punk Porn, Emo Girl, Babysitter, Tattoo, Piercing, Red head
Male Models : John Strong

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Eidyia in 'Dude, Am I A Slut - Part 3'

Eidyia - Dude, Am I A Slut - Part 3

The next caller to the Ellis Show, Eidyia, had a story about her wedding. She had her driver stop to pick up her Maid of Honor who happened to be a large black guy (with a HUGE dick), Prince Yahshua. She had a problem: she's nervous and was just SO horny. She used to be a big freak - if only she had one more chance to be a big, huge, ass fucking, cock sucking whore.. Prince suggested other men, but none would do. She asked the driver to fuck her rotten, but he suggested Prince! It was the only way. She wanted him to fuck her with all he had - in her face, her pussy, her ass, be treated like the dirty slut that she is. That's what I call a white wedding! Red Dragons!

Eidyia in 'BTS Episode 40'

Eidyia - BTS Episode 40

Recently you may have viewed a scene called 'Nookie Cookie' starring Eidyia and John Strong. Well today, we're going behind the scenes so we can relive the magic of our painfully cute redhead being a messy babysitter covered in flour, having been baking for the 'little angels' and their good behavior, and to catch up with our sweet darling. Don't you just want to put your face in her special pussy cookie all day every day? You're lucky we love to share our tasty treats with the world. Beware: this is not gluten free.

Eidyia in 'Worship My Feet'

Eidyia - Worship My Feet

Eidyia's the boss today, so when Tommy Pistol came up for air from eating her pussy under the desk, it was time to take care of her feet. He sensually licked her cute toes, and then she stroked his cock with her pretty feet, followed by some kinky fucking and sucking in her office! She always gets the footjob done.

Phoenix Askani in 'BTS Episode 23'

Phoenix Askani - BTS Episode 23

Today we're going behind the scenes with Eidyia on her first video shoot with two black studs Jon Jon and Rob Piper, Wolf Hudson goes on in Espanol as petite emo girl Moretta Coxxx gets some photos taken in a window, and Phoenix Askani and Danny Wylde prepare for their 'Intro to Opera' scene, which I wrote 5 minutes before.

Eidyia in 'Solo'

Eidyia - Solo

In case you didn't know, this is Eidyia. She's from Colorado and loves reading, anthropology, yoga, As I Lay Dying, and her favorite sex toy is named Franklin. He's made of pink glass! Lucky for us, Franklin turns that pretty smile into a pretty o-face by romping in her pussy! Cum get off with Eidyia and Franklin as she masturbates her way into your heart.

Eidyia in 'Two Black Dicks'

Eidyia - Two Black Dicks

JonJon thought he and Eidyia should just kick it and suck some face all night on their date. Things got hot fast, and she hungrily tried to swallow his massive black dick... Then the doorbell rang! It was Rob Piper surprising her with flowers for their date, which Eidyia thought was tomorrow. Tuesday or not, she was glad he and his huge cock were there, and wanted them both, so she took turns fucking them secretly... until JonJon heard Eidyia's cries of pleasure and saw her enjoying someone else's dark meat! If you can't beat em, join em and have a threesome!

Eidyia in 'Sexy Fractions!'

Eidyia - Sexy Fractions!

Nerdy schoolgirl Eidyia was basically doing Anthony the bully's homework for him, and when she tried to convince him that doing his own homework was fun, she had to get creative! Wearing only 1/2 her clothes = 1/3 of an erection. He stuck his numerator in her denominator and they made one nasty fraction!

Eidyia in 'Anal POV!'

Eidyia - Anal POV!

It's blonde BurningAngel girl Eidyia's first POV with us! She's a clever and sweet girl from Denver who likes to smoke weed and go bowling. Mr. Pete got to find out all about what was under her wet wifebeater - soft curves, pierced tits, and beautiful tattoos! She got on her knees like a good girl should and deep-throated his cock and sucked his balls, then Pete fucked her pussy hard and gave her an anal pounding she'll never forget!